■ Business Approach and Philosophy

Business Approach

 We aim to make it possible for people with disabilities from all over the world to join our company and lead an active life working in the IT industry. Not only would we like for everyone to be able to participate, but for those that cannot, we would also like to show our support and appreciation.




Reflect and give thanks everyday
Give first
Cherish the immutable
Have an altruistic heart
Be appropriately cautious

Value those around us
・Appreciate what you have
・Observe etiquette
・Share knowledge and experience
・Strive for perfection


■Harmony Values

『 Harmony/Evolution/Developement 』

 When people started living in harmony together, this was the source of all human and social evolution. Harmony is to hold consideration in your heart, and to help and co-operate with others. Our mission is to always carry sympathy and consideration in our hearts, and to receive contact with others with great care.

『 Care for our Parents, Families, Associates and Coworkers. 』

 In order to provide quality service to our customers, first we must build a foundation of respect and understanding for those that are closest to us. This begins with our parents, then families associates and coworkers. In this way, we can learn to value relationships.