@Harmony Introduction

Workplace Snapshots

  1. General business, personnel and general affairs related to work
  2. Business card creation
  3. Data entry, web site construction, maintenance and work using PCs etc.
  4. PC operation validation and software installation operations
  5. Second hand PC cleaning service

1.Clerical Work
Work snapshot 1-1 Work snapshot 1-2

General work activities like sorting mail, filling envelopes and shredding take place.

2.Business Card Creation
Work snapshot 2-1

Making the business group's business cards. Five to ten thousand cards may be made in one day.

3.Work using PCs
Work snapshot 3-1

Utilizing PCs, all kinds of work like data entry, web site construction and maintenance etc. takes place.

4.PC Kitting Service
Work snapshot 4-1 Work snapshot 4-2

Validation of PCs prior to sale, software installation and similar work also takes place.

5.Second Hand PC Cleaning Service
Work snapshot 5-1 Work snapshot 5-2

Renewal, cleaning and polishing up of secondhand PCs is another task undertaken.