■ Introduction
January 15, 2008, ISFnet Harmony Inc. was established as a 100% funded subsidiary of ISFnet Inc., with the purpose of providing employment for those with disabilities. Our business is creating a work environment
for people with disabilities who possess humanity and ambition, and are motivated to be a part of the IT industry, to gain independence and peace of mind through work. In this way, people with disabilities can take an active part in society

■Company Guide

Company Establishment and Purpose

In January 15, 2008, ISFnet Inc. began support of ISFnet Harmony Ltd. As a part of their social responsibility,
and for the purpose of and as part of a larger plan, ISFnet Inc. provides their support, so that people with disabilities may join the workforce and gain meaningful employment. For those without knowledge and experience, yet who are humane and have the willingness to learn and participate, this support is creating an increase in the number of working opportunities in the IT field, along with increased independance and participation in society.

ISFnet's Special Subsidiary

In March 27, 2008, ISFnet Harmony Ltd., based on the Disability Employment Encouragement Law, received Special Subsidiary Authorization, from the Shinagawa Public Employment Exchange. Special Subsidiary Authorization (As determined by the Disability Employment Encouragement Law, article 14), is where a parent company, for the benefit of those with disabilities, gives special consideration and importance to the provision
of an environment and workplace facilities, that facilitate and ensure their steady employment.

Concerning ISFnet Harmony

Harmony is, first of all, to take care that all members work together amicably, and to also develop and evolve, without force.

Business Concept

  1. Utilizing IT freely, provide employment, a purpose in life, something worth doing and create self-reliance
    for people with disabilities. For that reason, create value added projects and enterprise.
  2. Do enough work related training, without being impeded by the special characteristics of disability.
    Be dedicated to improve and do challenging IT work.
  3. So that many people with disabilities may work independantly and participate in society, be proactive in terms of other work, and support information sharing.
  4. All employees learn and grow together.